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Use Amazon S3 from Ubuntu terminal
24 Mar 2015 10:46
Tags:amazon-s3 linux tools

It's cool when it comes to *nix terminal :-) (read more…)

Grails Hello World
18 Apr 2014 11:03

Open terminal -

$ curl -s | bash
(read more…)

Free java hosting with OpenShift
10 Jun 2013 18:01
Tags:java openshift

Configure OpenShift client tool -

$ sudo apt-get install ruby-full rubygems git-core
$ sudo gem install rhc
$ rhc setup
(read more…)

Password-less ssh, scp and rsync
05 Jun 2013 05:53

On host computer - create public key

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa

Host computer public key will be saved in <home_dir>/.ssh/ (read more…)

Play with Play Framework
14 May 2013 05:30
Tags:java play-framework

Developed a rest service using Play Framework 2.1.1 (read more…)

Setup Sitemesh 2.4.2
27 Apr 2013 07:30
Tags:java sitemesh twitter-bootstrap

What is SiteMesh?
SiteMesh is a lightweight and flexible Java web application framework that applies the Gang of Four decorator pattern to allow a clean separation of content from presentation. (read more…)

Guice with Servlet 3
27 Apr 2013 07:05
Tags:google-guice java servlet

[[code type="Java"]]
package com.mahout.hsqldbtest; (read more…)

MD5 for File and String
27 Apr 2013 06:53
Tags:java md5

[[code type="Java"]]
public static String getMD5String(String str) { (read more…)

27 Apr 2013 06:51
Tags:database hsqldb java servlet

[[code type="Java"]]
package com.mahout.hsqldbtest.servlet; (read more…)

HTTP Server to serve Current Directory
15 Mar 2013 14:20
Tags:http-server python

Suppose, one of your colleague want to see your movie collection on your pc, but you don't want to share the directory. So, the simple solution is - run a http server which serve current directory. (read more…)

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